Historia Galwanizerni



We are the Leader
of Polish Economy!

Our Company has been operating since 1991.

We specialize in anti-corrosive and decorative galvanized coating.


We specialize in:

  • zinc coating with chromium(VI)-free thick-layer passivation,
  • zinc alloy plating (zinc-nickel),
  • decorative nickel and chromium plating on stainless steel
  • Industrial cleaning.

A Brief History of Zakład Wielobranżowy

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1950 - First galvanizing workshop

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1991 - Establishing M-MAJ Company

M-MAJ Company is set up which provides services in mechanical structures and galvanization.

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1995 - Establishing Galwanizernia Company

ZW Galwanizernia S.C. Company is set up.

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1998 - Eco-investing

The waste water automatic neutralization apparatus is completed.

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2000 - Company transformation

The existing company is transformed into a commercial company Zakład Wielobranżowy “Galwanizernia” Sp. z o.o.

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2001 - Modernization of production process

The automated nickel-chrome plating line is launched.

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2006 - New automated production line

The automated zinc and zinc-nickel rack plating line is launched.

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2017 - Launching another automated plating line

The automated zinc

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2018 - Implementing follow-on projects

A warehouse and warehouse shelter are being built (stage 1).

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2019 - Launching a new cleaning station

The automatic high-pressure washer is launched.

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2020 - Setting up a modern laboratory

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