Zakład Wielobranżowy Galwanizernia Sp. z o. o.

Home Laboratory

Our high-tech laboratory ensures stability of the production process as well as control of the products in accordance with the specific customer requirements.

At our laboratory, we are able to conduct testing and research in the following domains:
  • measurement of coating thickness using X-Ray spectrometry,
  • measurement of coating thickness using magnetic gauge,
  • measurement of coating thickness using coulometric method, including measurement of individual layers of semi-bright, bright or micro-cracked nickel, including the electrical potential difference (STEP Test),
  • measurement of the number of pores and cracks of the nickel-chromium layer, coating defect analysis using the metallographic microscope,
  • NSS and CASS corrosion testing,
  • coating adherence testing,
  • high-temperature exposure testing up to 450ºC,
  • measurement of metals in the galvanizing bath solutions, wastewater and water using Agilent MP-AES spectrometer,
  • measurement of metals in wastewater using spectrophotometer,
  • acid analysis in plating bath solutions using titration,
  • plating bath solution analysis using Hull cells.

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